Christmas Décor Must-Haves That Will Take Your Holiday Design Up a Notch

If you just moved into your first home or finally have enough room in your space to decorate, you’ll want to start by stocking up with the right items. Anything you buy can be put to good use but there are some items that make the holiday season what it is. Here are a few you will want to buy before you buy anything else.

A Tree

If you finally have enough space to decorate, you will want to make a Christmas tree a priority. Think carefully to decide whether you want an artificial or living tree and take measurements to come up with a size that’s right for you.

A tree will not be complete without some key decorations and accessories. Ornaments, garlands and a tree topper are a must. You should also get a skirt which will keep the floor from collecting dirt and needles.


Stockings serve an aesthetic and a practical purpose. In addition to looking good, they also hold those small gifts that make the holidays special. Therefore, you will want to purchase one for each member of your household. With a wide variety to choose from, you can pick ones that best match your décor theme.


Wreaths are a great holiday decoration because you can hang them anywhere and they won’t take up space. It’s best to have one on the front door to set the festive scene for guests as they enter, but they can be placed in just about any location in your interior.  


Candles will add to the cozy atmosphere and, if you get scented ones, they will also create a seasonal aroma that really ties your décor together. They can be placed on tables, on mantles and in the windows. Just be careful not the put them near fabrics that can catch fire.

String Lights

It’s just not Christmas without those twinkling lights. You’ll want some for both the interior and exterior of the home.

Like wreaths, lights can be hung anywhere, and they won’t take up valuable square footage. Consider using them around your windows, to frame your entryways, to line your ceilings and to decorate your tree.


If you plan to serve Christmas dinner, you’ll want festive tableware. This can include holiday china, a deep red tablecloth, winter scene centerpieces, candelabras and more. You may also add ornaments to the dining room area to complete the scene.

Christmas decorating is a lot of fun if you have the right items on hand. The products listed here will get you off to a great start and you can go from there to collect additional ornaments that will create even more of a joyous appearance. What décor must-haves are on your list?

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