Christmas in July Card Designs that Will Make the Season Bright

Christmas cards are always a lot of fun. People love giving them and they love getting them.

If you celebrate Christmas in July, you’ll want to make the most of the season by exchanging cards during this time of year as well. However, you probably won’t find a good deal of Christmas in July cards in your local card store. So why not make them yourself?

Here are some awesome ideas for Christmas in July cards that are sure to put a smile on people faces.

Recycle Traditional Christmas Cards

Why let Christmas cards go to waste? Instead of throwing them out, save them for the Christmas in July season. Don’t hide the fact that they’ve been used. Instead, make it obvious by crossing out any signs of a traditional Christmas and replacing them with Christmas in July elements. For funniest results, regift a card back to a friend using the one they gave you last Christmas.

Make Christmas in July Designs

If you’re artistic, you can probably make your own Christmas in July designs. Things like Santa on a beach, a snowman wearing sunglasses and elves in surfer shorts are the perfect images to include.

Include Pictures of the Family

If you’re not so good with a pen and paper, you may prefer to make a card using an actual photograph instead. You know how some families give out funny Christmas cards? How about a funny Christmas in July card?

Think of taking your family to the beach in ugly Christmas sweaters. Dress up in elf and Santa hats but wear surfer shorts on the bottom. Build a snowman in the sand.

Take pictures and make them into a Christmas in July card that’s sure to put a smile on the face of anyone that receives it.

Include a Funny Message

A funny message will make your CIJ card that much more entertaining. I don’t have any good material on hand, but you can google ‘Christmas in July humor’ for inspiration. Hey, I wrote the entire article!

Give Them Out as Invitations

Your Christmas cards can be used to simply spread cheer during the season, but they can also work as invitations if you are planning a Christmas in July party.  Simply use whatever image you prefer while including details of the party such as when and where. This is a fun way to promote excitement around your event.

Summer is here, time to make your Christmas in July plans. Cards are the perfect way to spread cheer. The tips in this article will help you get inspired so you have great cards to distribute to your friends. What will your design be like?

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