Christmas in July: Jingle All the Sunburnt Way

The sweet jingle of Christmas bells, the rustling of presents, and the wafting aroma of freshly baked mince pies—these are all things we expect in December. But there’s a growing trend, especially among those of us who like a good chuckle and an excuse to party: Christmas in July. Ah, yes! Who says you can’t get sunburned while roasting chestnuts on an open fire? Let’s dive deep into this merry and wonderfully wacky concept of celebrating Christmas in the heat of summer.

To start off, you might wonder why anyone would want to sweat it out in a Santa suit when it’s 90 degrees outside? Well, for the same reason someone decided that Christmas sweaters should be a thing – because it’s funny! We live in a world that cherishes oddball humor, and Christmas in July is a manifestation of that love for the quirky and the unseasonal.

Imagine the scene: instead of snowmen, we’ve got sandmen (sandcastles topped with Santa hats). Dashing reindeers? More like dashing through the pool on inflatable floats. And mistletoe? Try “mistletan” — because if you’re going to stand around waiting for a kiss, you might as well work on your tan lines.

Now, the food is an interesting twist. Who needs a hot roast when you can have Christmas BBQ? Glazed ham replaced by marinated ribs, and those lovely eggnogs now come with a hint of tropical fruits. Christmas puddings? How about Christmas ice creams, dripping down your hand as you rush to lick it up.

Shopping is, of course, a big part of any Christmas celebration. But with Christmas in July, there’s no real pressure. Instead of the frantic rush to find the perfect gift, you have the lazy, hazy mood of summer guiding your choices. It’s less about big-ticket items and more about funny, whimsical gifts. Think funky sunglasses, pool toys, or that ridiculous giant inflatable flamingo you’ve been eyeing since last summer.

And let’s not forget the carols. The iconic jingles remain the same, but they might just be played on a ukulele or a steel drum. As you sing along, there’s a fun challenge in trying to make lyrics relevant. “Walking in a summer wonderland” or “Jingle Bells, the AC swells, the pool is on its way!”

There’s an inherent joy in the unexpected. We love traditions, but we also adore breaking them once in a while. Christmas in July combines the magic of Christmas with the laid-back attitude of summer. It reminds us to find happiness in the little moments, to laugh at the absurd, and to create our own traditions.

In conclusion, if you’ve never celebrated Christmas in July, give it a go. It’s a time for humor, fun, and a reminder that you don’t need snow to have a merry time. Just some good spirit(s) (and maybe a good sunscreen!). Happy Summer Christmas to all and to all a sun-kissed night!


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