Have the Best Christmas Ever in Riverside, California

If you are thinking of escaping the cold this holiday season, California makes an ideal destination. There are so many cities to visit, it can be hard to choose just one. Riverside, California just may be your best bet.

Riverside is located in California’s Inland Empire. It is so named because it sits beside the Santa Ana River. It is a hotspot for history and performing arts and many interesting events take place in the city year-round.

If you come to Riverside for Christmas, there will be a variety of things to see and do. Here are some that are worth checking out.

Riverside Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is an event that takes place at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa. The lights are turned on in late November and signal the start of six weeks of festivities. The event has been named as the “Best Public Lights Display” by USA Today. It attracts more visitors each year as countless individuals make their way to pay a visit for the holiday season.

During the Festival of Lights, guests can check out the castle-like interior of the hotel which will be illuminated for the holiday season. They can visit the life size gingerbread house and the 19’ Christmas tree in the lobby. The hotel also offers several upscale dining options and spa packages for guests to enjoy.

Cathedral City Christmas Lights

There are several Riverside residences that light up for the holiday season. One of the most well known is Candy Cane Lane which is located on Minerva Rd. in Cathedral City. 50 homes get decked out with their festive finest. Visitors can walk or drive through to take in the sites through the end of November to the beginning of January.

Corona Christmas Lights

The neighborhood of Corona does Christmas right. Interestingly enough, they also call their section of the area Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season. Guests can enter at 103 Pueblo Ave and walk through to see the lights. At the end of the block is a bin where people can leave toys for the Corona Children’s Center. Unwrapped, new toys are accepted.

Chino Christmas Lights

Stop by Chino to check out Wow Lights located on the 3400 block of Spur Court in Chino off Branding Iron Place south of Chino Ave. 20 houses will be decked out in holiday lights. Take it in from your car while tuned in FM 90.5, a station playing delightful holiday tunes.

Then head over to the nearby San Antonio lights with cul de sac homes that light up the entire street. This display is located at Cypress and San Antonio Street at Walnut and the 60 freeway.

Chino Hills is not far and there is one home there that’s worth the drive. Visit 5386 Buttonwood Court to check out Operation Christmas Lights. The Nehmans use the display to raise money for the children of a fallen soldiers. A donation box is set out in front of the home.

Fontana Christmas Lights

Not to be outdone, Fontana also has its share of impressive displays. One home to view is located at 11311 Homewood Dr. Tune into 91.3 FM for a holiday music accompaniment.

Then make your way to 9697 Locust Ave to see the Scott’s Christmas light extravaganza. The lights and moving objects in their display are part of what has made their decorations a tradition for over 20 years.

Highland Holiday Lights

Highland hosts a Dancing Lights event on Crest View Lane in East Highlands Ranch. The interactive display is sure to create great memories. They also host a Halloween display that’s so impressive, if was featured on ABC News.

Murietta Christmas Lights

If you are near Murietta, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to see the Bainbridge Holiday Extravaganza. Every house will be going all out for your holiday viewing pleasure. Tune into 88.5 FM to hear carols as you walk or drive around.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a can’t miss Riverside destination. During your visit, stop off at Robolights, an art and light display created by artist Kenny Irwin. It has been going on since 1986 and it has even caught the attention of the media. California Through My Lens says, “If you’re looking for a unique way to get into the Christmas spirit then you absolutely must go to Robolights. It’s like Tio Tacos times ten and mixed with Christmas.”

Rancho Cucamonga Christmas Lights

Rancho Cucamonga boasts Langston Street Christmas Lights, an animated light shows with over 125,000 LED lights and approximately 400 channels controlled by Light-o-Rama boxes.

The Daybreak Light Show is nearby located at 7195 Daybreak Place. The lights are synched to music broadcasted on a local radio station.

Alto Loma Christmas Lights

The neighborhood of Alto Loma along Thoroughbred Street and other nearby roads is worth checking out during the holiday season. In addition to lighting up their houses, many homeowners offer guests hot chocolate and cookies. Park and walk around for the best views.

134 Gracefield Way

This address is one you won’t want to pass up. The residents set up several traditional holiday figures including Santa in his sleigh, penguins, a nativity scene and more. The display offers over 20,500 lights making for a dazzling display.

Kolde Christmas Light Show

Stop by 2993 Gertrude St for 50,000 lights powered by over 2 miles of extension cords. The spiral Christmas tree in the driveway is a highlight.

Riverside is a great city to visit, and it really lights up for the holiday season. With so much to see and do, you are bound to find the cheer you are looking for. Which of these activities will you be getting to first?

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