How to Care for a Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas trees play a special role in holiday decorations. They are very much in line with the mini-tree and multi-tree trend as they can be combined with other trees and used in decorative displays. They can be passed down through families making a terrific heirloom.

Because ceramic trees have both electrical and ceramic components, they must be carefully cared for. This article will provide tips on how to keep your ceramic tree looking terrific and functioning properly.

How to Clean the Tree

Your tree should never be placed in the sink or dishwasher for cleaning purposes. Instead, dust it with a downward, brushing stroke using a soft paintbrush or duster. If the dusting is not working, you can place the tree in a dry sink and gently run water over it while rubbing around the lights.

Never place a damp, newly cleaned tree on the electrical base and never plug it in.

What to Do If the Lights Come Loose

The lights on the tree may come loose during cleaning or due to wear and tear. You can get them back in place by putting glue in the hole and then reinserting the light.

Never use Superglue as this could present problems if the light breaks but the stem stays inside the tree. Elmer’s glue is preferable as it will allow the light to come loose in one piece, if it comes to it.

Never glue in the star.

Store the Tree Safely

After the season is over, you can store your tree on a shelf placing a plastic bag or dust cover over it to keep it dust free. You can also wrap it individually in bubble wrap and put it in a box.

Keep it in an area that isn’t prone to climate changes as a sudden drop or rise in temperature can ruin the finish and cause other types of damage.

It’s advisable to hold on to the box and sleeve the item came in as this will be the best storage solution.

Use the Right Light Bulbs

Use lightbulbs that are the right size for your tree. The wrong sized lights can get hot and burn you or melt your tree.

Never disassemble the tree.

A ceramic Christmas tree is a terrific decorative item. Now that you know tips for repair, cleaning, and storage, you can ensure yours will withstand the test of time. Will you be incorporating a ceramic tree into this year’s design?

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