How to Personalize Christmas Ornaments to Give Them Even More Meaning

Let’s face it, some Christmas decorations have more meaning than others. For example, that decoration your mother gave you to commemorate your child’s first Christmas is likely to be a lot more memorable than the one you found in the 99-cent store.

There are several ways you can give ornaments meaning but personalizing them is sure to add that special touch. This article will discuss the various ways you can personalize the ornaments you have in your home.

Write Their Name on It

Adding someone’s name to a Christmas ornament is the most obvious and direct way to bring that personal vibe. Names can be added to the top of Christmas stockings using a glitter glue or paint or you can use similar materials to put them on Christmas tree hangings. There are likely to be other holiday items you can add a name to as well. We just can’t think of them!

Add a Picture

Pictures are another way to give a decoration a personal touch. You can take pictures of your relatives and put them inside clear ornaments. You can also place their photos inside a holiday themed frame. If you are DIY’ing ornaments, there are countless ways you can incorporate their image into the design.

Commemorate a Special Moment

Christmas is always special, but some Christmases are more special than others. One example is a baby’s first Christmas. Another is you and your S.O.’s first Christmas as a married couple. You can incorporate the date into an ornament or take a picture of the special day and bring it out every holiday season to add to the cheer.

Caricature Items

Another idea is to incorporate caricatures into your Christmas items. This will be easy to do if you have an artist in the family. If not, you may have to enlist outside services. Get the artist to create a picture of family members dressed as elves, the Claus family, Santa’s fleet of reindeer and more.

Hang A Sign

A personalized sign is a great way to welcome guests to your home during the Christmas season. Simply get or make a sign that says, “Happy holidays from the Smiths” (or whatever your last name might be) and hang it outside your home. This will work well with your exterior holiday décor, and it will spread the joy throughout the neighborhood.

There are so many ways to personalize ornaments and give them more meaning. These are just a few ideas that will work well. What will you be doing to give your decorations the right amount of customization?

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