Industrial Style Christmas Ideas

Christmas is all about creating lavish displays that infuse warmth into spaces. But what happens if you are dealing with an industrial design theme? How would you add a sense of life into a décor type that is cold and austere by nature?

Well, there are ways you can achieve the aesthetic you are after. Here are a few suggestions that will help you create a Christmas design that goes perfectly with your industrial style.

Tin Can Candleholders

Candles are terrific for bringing the spirit of the season. Instead of placing candles around the house set in colorful holders, go with something that fits an industrial theme. Smoke glass hurricane cans or just about any tin can will do the trick.

Go Metallic

Christmas is typically full of color, but you don’t want to turn your industrial space into boho chic! Instead of opting for red and green lights and ornaments, play it down by going with metallics like gold, silver and bronze. White or blue lights will be complementary as well. These elements will provide a factory like look that will maintain the cool vibe.

Christmas Trees That Are Anything But

A Christmas tree is the ultimate sign of the season. But plant-life may breathe a little too much life into your sparse aesthetic. Instead, use a tree made out of elements like metal, wood or paper. The best part is, you can even make these trees yourself. Got a few wire hangers handy?

Vintage Lanterns

Another way to provide a candlelight like effect without getting too cheery is with vintage lanterns. These are typically made of some sort of metal that will provide a rustic look that goes well with the industrial décor in your home. Choose one with a simple yet elegant design to avoid getting too elaborate.

Paint it Black

If you plan on entertaining, keep the table setting simple. For centerpieces, think of mason jars, tall candles in antique candlesticks and tea lights on tin plates. Tableware should be simple and elegant. Incorporate colors like black and silver to emphasize the look you are going for.

Be Sparse

An industrial Christmas should never be about adding ample decorations that make for an over the top look. Instead of clustering things together, spread them out. Place a simple wreath in one corner of the room. Put a group of boughs in another corner. If the space is small, this may be enough to infuse one room with the right amount of spirit.

Christmas is often about opulence while industrial settings are about minimalism and pared down looks. The tips in this article suggest ways the two can work together so you can decorate without killing your vibe. How do you make your spaces look right for the holiday without overdoing it?

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