Nine Best Christmas Themed Cocktails to Serve at Your Holiday Party

Christmas is always fun, but if you want to really accentuate the joys of the season, you’ll serve cocktails at your party. And not any cocktails… but Christmas themed cocktails.

Here are some that will bring the perfect amount of joy.

Holly Jolly Punch

Holly Jolly Punch features a blend of cranberry juice, Squirt, pineapple juice and tequila silver. Mix the ingredients and serve in a punch bowl. Garnish with cranberries to make it look truly festive.

Salted Caramel White Russians

This sinfully delicious cocktail is a unique take on White Russians. It includes salted caramel coffee liqueur, salted caramel vodka and a caramel sauce garnish. Serve it in a tall glass with a straw. It will look like a milkshake so keep it far from minors!

White Christmas Martini

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…martini. Made with vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur and crème de cocoa, this should be served in an elegant martini glass with a coarse sugar garnish around the edge.

Naughty but Nice Christmas Cocktail

This cocktail is so yummy, you may just forget the nice. It includes rye whisky, bourbon or vodka, orange juice, ginger syrup, cranberry syrup, club soda, ice and an orange slice and fresh cranberry garnish.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is a popular holiday cocktail in European states. To make it, mix red wine, apple cider, brandy, honey, cinnamon sticks, sliced oranges, clover and peppercorn. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and orange slices and serve in a large cooking pot…after it’s been cooled of course. Guests can scoop their own portions.

Cranberry Old Fashioned

Here’s a holiday take on and old classic. It requires a blend of bourbon whisky, cranberry simple syrup and Angostura bitters. Garnish with Oceans Spray, cranberries and rosemary and serve in a thick whisky glass.

Slow Cooker Holiday Sangria

This is the perfect set it and forget it holiday cocktail recipe. It features a blend of Spanish Rioja, brandy, cranberry juice, simple syrup, sliced orange, fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks and peppercorns. Combine ingredients in a crockpot set to high and keep it warm for five hours. Serve in insulated mugs with a cinnamon stick garnish.

Cherry Almond Cocktail

This one really captures the flavors of the season. To make it you’ll need cherry brandy, amaretto, half and half and a cherry garnish. It whips up nice and creamy and should be served in whiskey glass.

Chocolate Covered Spike Cherries

Not quite a cocktail, these are a boozy must at any holiday table. Soak maraschino cherries in a cherry vodka or crème de cocoa. Dip them in melted chocolate chips. Allow to harden and serve.

These cocktails will stir up the fun at your holiday party. Which will you be featuring on your menu?

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