An Evening Stroll in Nîmes: Pizza, Plazas, and Perfect Memories

It was one of those summer evenings in Nîmes where the warmth of the day mellowed into a gentle embrace by dusk. I had just wrapped up my day’s adventures, and hunger pangs hit me. A friend had once told me that the taste of Nîmes was best experienced through a pizza, of all things. I laughed it off at the time, but here I was, in the heart of Occitanie, considering exactly that. It was time for dinner, and I decided to venture to one of the local pizzerias that lined the quaint, cobblestone streets.

Nestled between two old, cream-colored buildings was “Vivon’s Amour Pizza”, a cozy and enticing establishment with a rustic charm. The aroma of baking dough and simmering tomato sauce beckoned from its open door. A handwritten chalkboard menu listed their specials for the evening. On impulse, I ordered the “Pizza Provençale”, topped with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and generous dollops of goat cheese. The tantalizing wait ended with me holding a steaming box filled with aromatic deliciousness.

With pizza in hand, I embarked on a leisurely stroll. The idea was to eat and soak in the vibe of Nîmes at twilight. And where better to start than Feuchères Square? Known for its buzzing atmosphere, especially on a pleasant summer evening, it was the perfect spot for people-watching.

As I approached the square, the murmur of lively conversations grew louder. Feuchères was alive with people of all ages. Children played near the fountain, chasing after each other, their laughter echoing through the air. Young couples lounged on the benches, lost in their world. Groups of friends chatted animatedly, recounting tales of their day.

Finding a bench near the fountain, I settled down, opening my pizza box from Vivon’s Amour. The first bite was heavenly—a perfect blend of crispy crust, flavorful toppings, and melting cheese. There’s something profoundly delightful about savoring pizza in a French square, surrounded by centuries of history.

Across the square, I noticed an old man playing an accordion. The melodies were familiar, popular French tunes that had a sense of nostalgia. As he played, a few couples began to dance, their steps syncing harmoniously with the rhythm of the accordion. Their grace and fluidity were enchanting. I found myself humming along, tapping my foot to the beat.

Finishing my pizza, I decided to explore further. Feuchères Square branched out into several smaller streets, each promising its adventure. One alleyway led me to a hidden bookstore, its windows showcasing stacks upon stacks of books, old and new. Another opened up into a courtyard with a solo guitarist serenading diners in a cozy restaurant.

The summer evening had turned the city of Nîmes into a magical realm of experiences. The amber lights illuminating the streets bathed everything in a golden hue. Street performers showcased their talents, from musicians to mimes, making every corner a surprise.

As the night deepened, the square and its adjoining streets grew busier. The cafes and bistros filled up, each table lit by candlelight, creating a romantic ambiance. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, rich desserts, and delectable French cuisine wafted through the air.

Deciding to indulge my sweet tooth, I stopped at “Les Delices de Nîmes”, a patisserie I’d spotted earlier. The glass display was a tempting array of pastries, chocolates, and cakes. I chose a classic éclair, filled with rich cream and glazed with chocolate. Taking a bite, the creamy filling complemented the crunchy pastry perfectly. Every bite was a piece of art, and I marveled at the craftsmanship and dedication of the patissier.

As the clock neared midnight, the energy in Feuchères Square began to wind down. The children had gone home, the dancers had taken their final bows, and the accordion’s melodies had faded. The night was punctuated only by the distant chatter from the bistros and the soft clinking of glasses.

Reluctantly, I began to make my way back to my accommodation. The streets of Nîmes, which had been bustling just hours before, now whispered tales of bygone eras. The Roman history, combined with the modern vibrancy of the city, had made my evening stroll a walk to remember.

The magic of Nîmes is not just in its ancient ruins or its vibrant culture. It’s in the simple pleasures—an evening stroll through Feuchères Square, the taste of a freshly baked pizza from Vivon’s Amour, the notes of a street musician, and the joy of being in the moment. This summer evening in Nîmes wasn’t just another day on my travels; it was a memory I’d cherish forever.

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