Sky High Savings: The Top Budget Airlines in Europe

Traveling across Europe has become significantly more affordable and convenient in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of budget airlines. These airlines have revolutionized air travel by making it accessible to everyone, irrespective of their budget. Here are some of the top budget airlines in Europe that offer an excellent balance of affordability and service.


Ireland-based Ryanair is one of the largest and most popular budget airlines in Europe. Known for its rock-bottom fares, Ryanair serves over 200 destinations across Europe and beyond. The no-frills airline has streamlined its operations to offer the lowest possible prices, but you can expect to pay for extras like checked baggage and in-flight meals.


A significant player in the European low-cost airline market, UK-based EasyJet offers an extensive network of routes across Europe. It operates from various major and regional airports, making it a convenient option for many travelers. Like Ryanair, EasyJet charges for extras, but its fares remain competitive, and its service reliable.

Wizz Air

Founded in Hungary, Wizz Air has made Eastern Europe more accessible to budget travelers. The airline is particularly well-known for serving destinations that other budget carriers do not, including smaller towns and cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Wizz Air also provides competitive prices and a relatively comfortable flying experience.

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is a budget airline that has made a name for itself by offering low-cost long-haul flights, a rarity in the budget airline sector. However, it’s also a major player in short-haul European travel, with a broad range of destinations. Its modern fleet and commitment to service set it apart from many other budget options.


Owned by Lufthansa, Eurowings is a German low-cost airline that serves a broad network of destinations throughout Europe. Although it’s a budget airline, Eurowings offers a more inclusive fare structure, with a basic level of baggage and other amenities included in the ticket price.

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on exploring new destinations. Europe’s best budget airlines have opened up a world of travel possibilities, making it cheaper and more convenient to jet off on your next adventure. Always remember to read the fine print for any additional costs, pack light to avoid luggage fees, and most importantly, enjoy the journey!

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