A Culinary Journey Through The Alps: Dining Aboard the Glacier Express

The Swiss Alps, with their snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys, make for a breathtaking backdrop. But as I soon discovered aboard the Glacier Express, the views weren’t the only thing to marvel at. The culinary journey I embarked upon during my trip proved to be just as captivating.

When one thinks of train food, it’s easy to envision pre-packaged sandwiches and lukewarm beverages. But the Glacier Express was no ordinary train, and the dining experience was testament to that. As I nestled into my plush seat, the Alps outside started to play their scenic symphony. Inside, a harmonious dance of flavors and textures awaited.

Before the meal even began, the setting already exceeded expectations. Crisp, white tablecloths adorned the tables, and gleaming glassware awaited the pour of choice beverages. I felt like I had been transported to a fine dining restaurant, and the journey had just begun.

The meal commenced with an appetizer that celebrated the freshness of Swiss produce. A delicate salmon tartare, garnished with local herbs and a tangy citrus dressing, was presented beautifully on a plate. Each bite was an explosion of flavors, the freshness of the fish complemented perfectly by the zestiness of the dressing.

Following this was a creamy butternut squash soup. It had a velvety texture and a depth of flavor that hinted at a slow, loving preparation. Drizzled with a touch of truffle oil and sprinkled with roasted seeds, the soup was a comforting embrace on a cool Alpine day.

The main course was a testament to Swiss culinary expertise. Succulent pieces of chicken, cooked to perfection, lay atop a bed of sautéed vegetables and buttery mashed potatoes. The dish was brought together by a rich jus that elevated every ingredient it touched. I marveled at the precision and care with which the dish had been prepared, each component singing in harmony.

To end the meal, a classic Swiss dessert was presented: a chocolate fondant with a heart as molten as the glaciers outside. Accompanied by a berry compote and a dollop of vanilla ice cream, it was the sweetest ending to a meal that had been nothing short of spectacular.

But the culinary delights didn’t stop there. As the afternoon sun dappled the Alpine valleys and the train chugged along, a series of snacks were served. Freshly baked pastries, Swiss cheeses, and a variety of local fruits were presented in quick succession. Each morsel was a reflection of the regions we passed by, offering a taste of the local terroir.

The standout, however, was a glass of Swiss white wine that accompanied my lunch. Crisp, aromatic, and beautifully balanced, it was the perfect pairing for my meal. As I sipped on it, watching the world go by, I felt an immense sense of gratitude. Here I was, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, enjoying a meal that would rival any fine dining restaurant.

The Glacier Express had promised a journey through the heart of the Alps, but what I hadn’t anticipated was the culinary voyage that accompanied it. Each course, each bite, told a story of Switzerland’s rich culinary heritage and the abundance of its produce.

As the journey came to a close and St. Moritz beckoned, I disembarked with a heart full of gratitude. Not just for the breathtaking sights I’d witnessed, but for the gastronomic journey that had nourished both my body and soul. The Glacier Express wasn’t just a train ride through the Alps, it was an experience that engaged all the senses, and the memory of that four-course meal will remain etched in my heart, a delicious reminder of a journey like no other.

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  1. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Swiss Alps on a family vacation. From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by the beauty of the area. The snow-capped peaks glistened in the sun, while the lush green valleys stretched as far as the eye could see. It was incredible! We spent our days exploring the trails, admiring the views, and taking in the fresh mountain air. Every day was an adventure, and I’ll never forget the wonderful memories we made there. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

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