Digital Photo Storage Tips to Follow in 2023

If you are a photographer, you know how valuable your photos are. You want to store them carefully to make sure they don’t get lost.

Today’s technology has provided ways for photographers to store prints online, but phones and computers can break, and memory cards can get lost. So what can you do to ensure your photos are on hand when you need them? Here are a few tips.

Don’t Rely on Memory Cards

Memory cards are a great way to store photos but, despite having a large capacity, they can fill up. Another issue is that memory cards are small and easy to lose. While they will come in handy for temporary storage, you will want to transfer your photos to a different device to ensure they stay safe.

Store Your Photos on an External Hard Drive

Many photographers store their photos on devices like phones and computers. This is all well and good… until the device catches a virus or incurs another type of damage. If you store your photos on an external hard drive, they will be there when you need them, even if your computer breaks down.

Use the Cloud for Back Up

Your devices may break down, but the internet will always be there. If you want reliable storage, back your photos up on the cloud. There are many platforms that offer this capability including Google Drive, Dropbox and more. Some offer free storage, but you will have to pay a small fee if you need extensive storage on most platforms.

Send Them as an Email

Once you send photos as emails, they will be stored on the internet forever (or at least until they are deleted). Send them to yourself and you will be able to access them from anywhere you can access your email. The only issue is that emails offer limited storage so you will only be able to send small photos in small batches. However, they make for an easy temporary solution.

Burn Your Photos onto CD’s

If your computer still has capabilities to burn CDs, you can use it to transfer your photos to CD. CD’s can store hundreds of photos ensuring they are safe if anything happens to your device. On the downside, burning CDs is time consuming, the CDs can become easily damaged, and the technology could become completely outdated. However, it makes for a nice memento of your work.

Print Them and Put Them on Display

Another option is to print your photos and put them on display. Once they are framed or stored in a photo album, they will be protected, and they will last for years. You will also be able to see your work and appreciate it any time you pass by. Printed photos are not easily duplicated so you will want a technology based back up as well but it’s a great way to ensure your work is out there and being enjoyed.

If you want to keep your photos safe, there are many options available. Some are more effective than others. Which one of these works best for you?

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