The Jet-Setter’s Bizarre Banquet: Top 10 Strangest Foods Found at Airports

Airports are truly international spaces, crossroads of culture and, of course, cuisine. From fast food to haute cuisine, they offer an eclectic range of dining options. But for the more adventurous traveler, there are also plenty of strange and intriguing delicacies to discover. Here are the top 10 strangest foods we’ve found for sale at airports:

1. Insect Snacks (Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport):

For a crunchy snack on the go, why not try a bag of edible insects? You can find a variety of these six-legged snacks, from crickets to silkworms, seasoned to perfection.

2. Fried Tarantulas (Cambodia’s Phnom Penh International Airport):

These large, hairy spiders are considered a delicacy in Cambodia. Deep-fried until crispy, they are often accompanied by a tangy lime and black pepper dip.

3. Reindeer Hot Dogs (Alaska’s Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport):

These unusual hot dogs, made with reindeer meat, offer a taste of the Alaskan wilderness before you’ve even left the airport.

4. Durian Pastries (Singapore’s Changi Airport):

Known as the ‘King of Fruits,’ durian is infamous for its pungent smell. Despite this, it’s incredibly popular and can be found in a range of sweet pastries at Changi Airport.

5. Haggis (Scotland’s Edinburgh Airport):

This traditional Scottish dish made from sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs is an unexpected find in an airport, but it’s a must-try for brave culinary explorers.

6. Sushi Burrito (USA’s Los Angeles International Airport):

This mash-up of Japanese and Mexican cuisines is as surprising as it is delicious. Think sushi fillings wrapped in a burrito-sized roll!

7. Alligator Sausage (USA’s Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport):

Alligator meat, which is said to taste like chicken, is served as sausage in New Orleans’ airport. It’s a local specialty you might not find anywhere else.

8. Kangaroo Sandwich (Australia’s Sydney Airport):

Yes, you read that right! A kangaroo sandwich is a distinctive, local option for the hungry traveler.

9. Fugu Sushi (Japan’s Tokyo Haneda Airport):

Fugu, or pufferfish, can be lethal if prepared incorrectly. Brave travelers can try this dangerous delicacy under the supervision of licensed chefs at Tokyo Haneda.

10. Caviar & Blinis (Russia’s Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport):

Serving some of the world’s finest caviar at an airport might seem strange, but it’s a perfect high-end snack for travelers with a taste for luxury.

Airports serve as gateways to the world, offering a preview of a country’s unique culture, including its culinary traditions. So, next time you’re stuck in transit, why not take your taste buds on an adventure?

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