Time for a Change: Antiquated Hotel Amenities That Hotels Need to Replace

The hospitality industry has always been about providing comfort and convenience to its guests. However, some aspects of the traditional hotel experience haven’t kept up with the times. As the expectations of the modern traveler evolve, many hotels continue to cling to antiquated amenities and services that seem out of place in today’s digital, eco-conscious world. Let’s take a look at some of these outdated hotel amenities and discuss modern replacements that can enhance the guest experience.

In-room Landline Telephones

The days of relying on in-room telephones for room service, front desk inquiries, or wake-up calls are long gone. With the ubiquitous use of smartphones and hotel apps offering digital concierge services, the traditional in-room phone seems like an outdated relic. Hotels should focus on improving their digital communication offerings, ensuring that guests can easily order room service, request items, or communicate with the front desk using their mobile devices.

Paid Wi-Fi

In this connected era, charging for Wi-Fi feels not just outdated but also a bit exploitative. Most guests expect to remain connected during their stay. Instead of charging for Wi-Fi, hotels should consider it a standard, complimentary service, much like providing running water or electricity.

Single-use Toiletries

The tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles provided in hotel bathrooms not only contribute to plastic waste, but they also offer a subpar guest experience. Hotels should replace these with larger, refillable dispensers that are more eco-friendly and provide a high-quality product. This change can enhance the guest experience while also promoting sustainability.

Old-fashioned Room Keys

Physical keys and even swipe cards can be replaced by keyless entry systems, which are more secure and convenient. With modern technology, guests can use a digital key on their smartphone to unlock their room, reducing the hassle of lost keys or demagnetized cards.

Outdated In-Room Entertainment

With the rise of streaming services, the standard hotel cable package doesn’t cut it anymore. Guests often prefer to use services like Netflix or Hulu, which offer a more personalized viewing experience. Hotels should offer smart TVs with streaming capabilities or even allow guests to cast content from their own devices to the TV.

Limited Power Outlets

In today’s digital world, guests travel with multiple devices. Having a limited number of hard-to-reach power outlets can be a significant pain point. Hotels should install conveniently located multiple power outlets and USB charging ports in their rooms, ensuring guests can easily charge all their devices.

Traditional Room Service

The traditional room service model can often be inefficient and expensive. Many modern travelers prefer quick, casual dining options. Hotels can offer grab-and-go food options, partner with local restaurants for delivery, or provide a space for food delivery services to drop off meals.

By recognizing and replacing these outdated amenities, hotels can keep up with evolving guest expectations and enhance the overall guest experience. Embracing technology and sustainability, prioritizing convenience and personalization, and providing value will ensure hotels remain competitive in the modern hospitality landscape.

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