The Ultimate Oktoberfest Trivia Challenge: How Much Do You Really Know?

Ah, Oktoberfest! That iconic celebration of Bavarian culture, brimming with beer, pretzels, and lederhosen. For many, Oktoberfest is an annual ritual, while for others, it’s a bucket list event. But whether you’re a seasoned attendee or just someone who dreams of experiencing the Wiesn in Munich, how much do you actually know about this grand German beer festival? Dive into our Oktoberfest Trivia challenge and find out! With our in-depth questions and fun facts, you’ll be sure to up your Oktoberfest game and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge. Ready? Let’s dive into the world of Oktoberfest Trivia!

Oktoberfest Trivia: 20 Questions to Test Your Knowledge

  1. In which year was the first-ever Oktoberfest held?
  2. Which event marked the beginning of Oktoberfest traditions?
  3. How many days does the original Munich Oktoberfest last?
  4. What are the exact dates for Oktoberfest 2022?
  5. Name three traditional dishes you’d find at Oktoberfest.
  6. Which drink, apart from beer, is famously consumed during the festival?
  7. What does “O’zapft is!” mean?
  8. How many official beer tents are set up in the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich?
  9. Which six breweries are allowed to participate in the Munich Oktoberfest?
  10. How many liters of beer were consumed at the Oktoberfest in 2019?
  11. What traditional Bavarian attire do men wear at Oktoberfest?
  12. What’s the name of the traditional Oktoberfest toast?
  13. Which city in the USA holds one of the biggest Oktoberfest celebrations outside of Munich?
  14. What is the name of the large, central grassy field where Oktoberfest is held?
  15. What’s the most famous song you’ll hear over and over at Oktoberfest?
  16. True or False: Oktoberfest beers are stronger than your regular beers.
  17. How do you say “Cheers!” in German?
  18. What’s the color of the traditional Oktoberfest beer?
  19. In which German city is Oktoberfest celebrated?
  20. What is the traditional closing ceremony of Oktoberfest?

Feel like an Oktoberfest expert yet? Well, don’t scroll down to the answers just yet. Give yourself a moment to bask in the anticipation. Okay, ready? Here are the answers to the Oktoberfest Trivia!


  1. 1810
  2. The wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.
  3. 16 days.
  4. September 17th to October 3rd.
  5. Pretzels (Brezn), Roast Chicken (Hendl), and Pork Knuckles (Schweinshaxe).
  6. Radler (a mix of beer and lemonade).
  7. “It’s tapped!” marking the opening of the first beer barrel.
  8. 14 tents.
  9. Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, Spaten, and Hofbräu.
  10. Over 7.3 million liters.
  11. Lederhosen.
  12. “Ein Prosit!”
  13. Cincinnati, Ohio.
  14. Theresienwiese.
  15. “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit.”
  16. True. They usually have around 5-6% alcohol content.
  17. “Prost!”
  18. Amber.
  19. Munich.
  20. Traditional riflemen’s procession and a concert.

The world of Oktoberfest is as vast and varied as the pints of beer that flow endlessly during the celebrations. With its rich history, cultural significance, and the jubilant atmosphere it brings, it’s no wonder Oktoberfest has become a global phenomenon. Now, with your enhanced Oktoberfest trivia knowledge, not only are you ready to enjoy the festival to its fullest, but you’re also equipped to be the life of any Oktoberfest party! Here’s to good times, great beer, and unforgettable memories at Oktoberfest. Prost!

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