Dreaming Aloft: The Best Tree Houses to Rent in the USA

In recent years, the concept of “glamping,” or glamorous camping, has taken the travel world by storm, blending the rustic charm of traditional camping with modern luxuries. Within this evolving landscape, tree house accommodations have sprouted up across the US, providing travelers with a unique opportunity to connect with nature from an elevated perspective. Here, we dive into some of the most enchanting tree houses you can rent for a night or more, nestled amidst the canopy of the country’s diverse landscapes.

1. TreeHouse Point, Washington: Situated just outside Seattle, TreeHouse Point offers a Pacific Northwest escape unlike any other. Surrounded by the verdant, moss-covered trees of the Snoqualmie Valley, these cozy tree houses look straight out of a fairy tale. Whether you’re listening to the babble of the nearby river or gazing up at the stars through towering evergreens, this haven is pure magic.

2. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, Texas: Deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country, Cypress Valley boasts not only zip-lining adventures but also remarkable tree house accommodations. The “Lofthaven” is a particular favorite among visitors. Encircled by the arms of an ancient cypress tree, this yurt-like structure offers a circular bed and a bridge leading to a private bathhouse.

3. Redwood Tree House, California: Perched within the lush embrace of the iconic California redwoods, the Redwood Tree House provides a serene getaway along the Russian River. Equipped with modern comforts and offering a spacious deck with a hot tub, it’s an idyllic setting to relax amidst the giants of the forest.

4. The Mohicans, Ohio: Nestled within a private woodland, The Mohicans offer a variety of tree houses, each with its own unique design. Crafted with sustainability in mind, they merge elegance with an eco-conscious ethos. “Little Red Treehouse,” with its reclaimed materials and quaint spiral staircase, is a testament to creative architecture.

5. Treehouse Cottages, Arkansas: These handcrafted tree houses in the Ozark Mountains are the epitome of rustic luxury. Built on wooden poles and set high up in the trees, the cottages provide panoramic views of the verdant surroundings. With jacuzzi tubs, glass-fronted walls, and intricate wooden details, it’s a blend of comfort and charm.

In essence, the allure of tree house accommodations lies in their ability to transport guests back to the simpler joys of childhood, elevated by the luxuries we’ve come to appreciate as adults. These treetop havens are more than just places to sleep; they’re experiences that beckon travelers to disconnect, look up, and dream aloft. For anyone seeking an unforgettable night amidst the boughs, the US offers some of the finest treetop escapes in the world.

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