Antiquing in Round Top, Texas: A Day Amidst Treasures of Yesteryears

There’s a certain enchantment in touching objects that have withstood the test of time, items that whisper tales from days long gone. For antique enthusiasts, Round Top, Texas, is more than just a dot on the map; it’s a veritable treasure trove. While this charming town is home to a mere 90 residents, twice a year, its population swells as it plays host to one of the nation’s most celebrated antique fairs. However, even beyond these famed events, Round Top promises a unique antiquing experience on any given day.

Starting Early:
Like any true adventure, a day of antiquing in Round Top demands an early start. The crisp Texan morning air, accompanied by the promise of undiscovered treasures, sets the tone. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at a local eatery. The homemade pastries and fresh coffee provide the perfect fuel for the day ahead.

Venturing into the Antique Shops:
Round Top boasts a myriad of shops, each one presenting its own universe of curated antiques. From grand furniture pieces that harken back to the Victorian era to vintage Americana collectibles, there’s something for every antique aficionado.

  1. Town Square: Your first stop. The heart of Round Top, where a collection of shops offers everything from European antiques to rustic Texan artifacts. Every corner, every nook holds potential treasures waiting to be found.
  2. Market Hill: This expansive space is more than just a shop; it’s an experience. Featuring a vast collection from various dealers, Market Hill is where you might find that perfect mid-century table or a set of vintage linens that evoke nostalgia.
  3. Ex-Cess: A field of wonders! While it might appear overwhelming initially, with its vast array of tents and barns, a keen eye will spot gems amidst the sprawl. It’s particularly known for its industrial antiques and reclaimed wood pieces.

Lunch Break:
After hours of hunting for antiques, it’s time to refuel. Round Top offers a selection of quaint eateries, each serving up delicious, homestyle food. Whether it’s a slice of authentic Texan pie or a hearty sandwich, there’s no going wrong.

The Afternoon Hunt:
With renewed energy, it’s back to the shops. The afternoon might be the perfect time to venture into the smaller boutiques, where specialized collections await. Shops like Junk Gypsy offer a blend of vintage finds with a bohemian flair, while Old World Antieks has an extensive collection of architectural antiques.

Closing the Day:
As the sun sets, painting the Texas sky in shades of orange and pink, it’s time to review the day’s treasures. Perhaps you’ve found a rustic sign for your kitchen, or maybe a set of vintage glasses that transport you to a different era. Every find has its story, and every story adds to the rich tapestry of your day in Round Top.

Round Top, with its blend of history, charm, and unparalleled antique collections, offers more than just objects; it provides experiences. Each visit is a journey back in time, a celebration of stories captured in tangible forms. So, whether you’re an avid antiquer or a casual visitor, Round Top promises a day of wonder, nostalgia, and delightful discoveries.


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