How to Plan, Choose, and Wrap Christmas Gifts for Children

Nothing matches the happiness that blooms within your heart upon hearing your children’s squeals of excitement. And what better way to make your little one happy than by getting the perfect Christmas gift? 

But what if we told you there was a way to make your gift all the more special and incredible? Wrapping your chosen Christmas gift in a cute and exciting gift sheet alongside simple crafting supplies is the perfect way to further personalize your gift. Here we’ve rounded up several simple yet creative DIY ways to wrap a Christmas gift to show you care:

Label Your Present with Pictures

Add your children’s pictures on the gift wrapping to allow them to visually identify their presents. With this straightforward and fun-filled wrapping technique, parents can personalize each package. 

Start off with ordering an array of your favorite pictures. Collect several black and white pictures, as well as several colorful ones. You may even stick baby pictures atop the Christmas wrapping, which will make for a fun Christmas morning of your children guessing who’s who in the picture.  

Next, get some washi tape and bedazzling supplies to brighten up the present. You can rest assured your children will love this innovative wrapping!   

Father Christmas Delivery Tags

Make your presents Christmas exclusive by either printing or crafting your own father’s Christmas delivery tags.   

Once you attach them to each package, you may write your child’s name under the nice (or naughty) list. 

Use Beads to Mark the Present 

Be innovative and crafty in wrapping your children’s Christmas gift by using beads to indicate the recipient of the gift. 

You can use big, eye-catching name beads to spell out your kids’ names. Or you can opt for the smaller, colorful blocks featuring their name. The best part? These markings double as bracelets and necklaces!   

Use Festive Washi Tapes

Another fun-filled way you can write your child’s name on their presents is using festive and vibrant washi tape. 

Select washi tapes featuring your child’s favorite colors and make letters out of them. Or you can use it to make creative and interesting designs and shapes. 

Stamp on the Name 

Give your present a fashion-forward finish by using cool stamps. For instance, you may stamp on your little one’s name with their favorite color and add a few pieces of fresh greenery to give the gift a Christmas-y look.

Be Artsy: Paint on Them!

Make your presents look colorful by taking out your pots of paints and palette. There’s no better way to brighten up your little one’s gifts than by adding vibrant colors to them. 

It’s a good idea to choose varying shades of the same hue to create an array of creative and cute patterns. 

Sew on Something 

Instead of purchasing one from the arts and crafts shop, you can try sewing a pretty ribbon. Utilize any leftover fabric trim such as rick rack or bullion to make your gift wrapping look all the more splendid. 

You may even add sprigs of fresh greenery or glittered pinecones to accentuate its look. 

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